Looking For Luxury Outdoor Adventures?

Head To Amangiri Resort In Utah

Amangiri view at the Pavillion

Amangiri view at the Pavillion

The Amangiri resort, dubbed the ‘Billionaire Enclave in the High Desert’ by Forbes, exudes elegance and charm amidst its expansive 600-acre natural landscape along the Arizona-Utah border. Resembling a desert paradise, this luxurious retreat is a true oasis from the hustle-bustle of city life. Our week-long stay at the Mesa Home surrounded by nature and the desert was a truly remarkable experience brimming with bespoke activities that allow city dwellers to reconnect with nature.


Immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings with activities such as sunrise yoga, guided hikes in the mountains, hot air balloon rides, boat excursions, and horseback riding reminiscent of the iconic film ‘Lonesome Dove.’ The options are endless, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Adventurous souls can test their skills with rock climbing on the via ferrata—an Italian term meaning ‘iron path’—which offers a thrilling ascent up the majestic Studhorse Mesa. Rest assured, this climbing route is meticulously designed with steel cable rails anchored to the rock, ensuring your safety as you conquer the heights.


On another day, we embarked on a fun horseback ride through the vast desert, led by two friendly female wranglers sporting cowboy hats. As we trotted along, the gentle chatter and laughter of our group harmonized with the sound of the horses’ hooves on the dirt road. “I feel like I’m in a Western movie!” a friend exclaimed as we galloped into the sunset.

In addition to the exhilarating adventures, we embarked on a picturesque hike at Buckskin Gulch, where we were immersed in the grandeur of the Navajo sandstone formations, sculpted over centuries by the forces of wind and rain. The Amangiri spa, a haven of tranquility, offers a range of rejuvenating treatments that blend western therapies with Navajo healing traditions. Indulge in the Native American Ceremony and let the expert therapists pamper you to your heart’s content.

Mesa Home

Our week-long stay at the Mesa Home surrounded by nature.


We enjoyed a luxurious one week stay at a private four-bedroom Mesa Home replete with a crackling fireplace, dining and living rooms, and a terrace leading to a 50-foot heated infinity pool. The tastefully designed rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the morning light to filter in. Stepping onto the terrace at sunrise, the morning dew felt like a gentle embrace from nature. The mood is pure serenity. Best of all, this exquisite location is far from the hectic city pace that we gratefully left behind. The 34 Amangiri suites offered unobstructed dessert vistas, along with a host of modern amenities, including Bose speaker systems, heated towels, a soaking bathtub, a pool, and a Jacuzzi.


Within the Amangiri spa, guests are treated to a range of rejuvenating treatments that blend western therapies with Navajo healing traditions, including the Native American Ceremony. Before my 90-minute massage, the skilled masseur, Nick, lit dried sage leaves and gently waved the aroma for positive energy and cleansing the space. The treatment included a relaxing scalp massage and soothing reflexology, providing a truly indulgent experience after a day of adventurous rock climbing.


The in-house Amangiri restaurant serves as the perfect culinary destination, offering captivating views of the untouched desert and the iconic Entrada sandstone pool. The cuisine is a testament to the resort’s commitment to excellence, with a seasonal menu showcasing locally sourced ingredients. Native American flavors take center stage, with enticing dishes such as buffalo carpaccio and smoky pima grits tantalizing your taste buds. The chefs are always ready to cater to your specific meal preferences. On two separate nights, we had the pleasure of inviting Chef Josh and his team to the Mesa House to prepare a special 4-course Southwestern meal paired perfectly with wine.


At Amangiri, the possibilities are endless. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or a combination of both, the resort promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. They will take care of all the details, ensuring you receive the ultimate VIP treatment throughout your stay. And if you wish to extend your journey, why not add a trip to Las Vegas before or after your Amangiri getaway, making your holiday truly unique and memorable. Indulge in the stunning beauty of Amangiri and let this luxurious desert retreat redefine your idea of a perfect getaway.


Room rates: Range from $2,500 + per night, meals included

Four-Bedroom Mesa Home: The concierge team will provide rates, depending on availability.

How to get there: The resort is approximately 25 minutes from Page Municipal Airport (PGA), which is the closest airport serving direct private jet flights.

What to bring: Comfortable sneakers for the many fun outdoor activities. The Amangiri Resort is located in the dessert, so the weather fluctuates throughout the day. It is best to bring clothing that are easy to layer or remove when the sun heats up.