Persians4Cure Presents a Dazzling Fundraising Gala to Help Prevent, Detect and Cure Cancers.

Hundreds of elegant guests turned out to support Persian 4 Cure’s Second Annual Charity Dinner Gala and Fundraiser at a posh Beverly Hills estate. The nonprofit charity, founded by Manizieh Yomtoubian, supports innovative research to fight against cancer.   The evening’s objective was to raise vital funds to advance research, increase access to care, and ultimately work towards preventing and curing various types of cancers.  “Together, let’s create a world where no one has to suffer from this devastating disease,” says Mrs. Yomtoubian, Founder of Persians 4 Cure. 

Throughout the elegant evening, violinist Ramin Abrams played beautiful music as guests sipped fine wines and cocktails served by Shokrian Vineyards, Darioush Winery, and El Fogonero Tequila.  Volare in Sherman Oaks provided expert catering for a variety of delectable Italian dishes with a Persian twist, such as gourmet pizza baked in the backyard’s igloo-shaped brick oven, mouthwatering grilled steak, tender chicken and lamb skewers served with the popular Tahdig, a saffron and turmeric rice dish with a crispy bottom layer.   Guests were also treated to a variety of traditional Persian desserts like baklava and saffron ice cream, adding a sweet ending to the already delicious feast. As the evening progressed, a magician entertained guests with magic tricks while the LA Daf Ensemble band provided wonderful entertainment.  The atmosphere was filled with laughter when Persian comedian K-Von appeared on stage and delighted the audience with his hilarious skit.  By midnight, happy partygoers danced under the twinkling stars, bringing the magical evening to a close.